Recognizing Opportunity: Bite Sized Tips from Peter Thiel’s New Book “Zero To One”

It’s no secret that the growth of crowdfunding is spurring along a greater willingness of new entrepreneurs who want to test their ideas. What is becoming more difficult, however, is recognizing the right people and ideas for investment. A lower barrier for soliciting serious investment means more headaches for investors. Why? Investors need to screen their opportunities more heavily… more

Big Changes to Accredited Investor Definition Looming: SEC considering recommendations on Definition Change

The definition of who is considered an Accredited Investor may be changing. Dodd-Frank, one of the major pieces of legislation passed after the financial crisis, included provisions to both exclude the primary residence from the asset calculation for the definition and a mandate to the SEC to reconsider the definition every 4 years. The first of these… more

Announcing Universal Single Verification; How Accredify’s New Tool Will Make Equity Crowdfunding Work

We’re extremely excited to debut a brand new version of Accredify Connect that allows new investors, both Accredited & Non-Accredited alike, to easily invest in startups online. In our latest update, our secure verification forms are now accessible on any site through our API. Accredify Connects now offers a universal verification wizard making it possible for millions of Americans to safely and efficiently verify their investor… more