Welcome to InvestReady

Now that Title III investing has begun in earnest and the landscape of crowdfunding is changing before our eyes, the team at Accredify recognized that we needed to change along with it.

From our beginnings as a simple website offering verifications of accredited investors for Reg D 506(c) general solicitations, our company has continued to evolve over the past 3 years.  In addition to offering our own website for verifications of individual investors, we have released three different API integration methods and are proud to call many of the most successful and largest 506(c) platforms as our customers.  In addition, we will shortly release our Reg. Crowdfunding products for non-accredited investors and web portals.  And we won’t be stopping there.

As we expand and diversify, we decided that our brand needed to be updated to reflect the breadth that the company has already embraced.

As of August 3rd, 2016, Accredify is now InvestReadyTM.  You can continue to count on us for fast, reliable, and secure verifications of accredited investors, but in addition, you can also look to InvestReady to keep your Reg. Crowdfunding Portal and your investors compliant as they embrace the world of investing into privately held companies.

You can now find our primary website at www.investready.com.  Rest assured, all of your APIs and hosted verification pages will continue to function normally and as you expect both during and after this transition.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at questions@investready.com.

With powerful, productive and user-friendly tools for portals and investors alike and serving both the 506(c) and Reg. Crowdfunding markets, it is no longer enough to ask whether you are accredited, but rather, “Are you InvestReady?”


About The Author

I am the CEO of InvestReady. Give me a shout at Herwig@investready.com