Angel Investing Education in Miami with AGP

Our mission at Accredify is to help investors everywhere start investing in private equity. The two trillion dollar U.S. private equity industry is vital to innovation, new jobs, and an overall healthy economy. There are currently 8.6 million Americans that qualify to invest in private equity. To qualify, you must have 200,000 a year in income for two years or have a net worth of $1,000,000. However, of all the people that qualify, only 350,000 of them invested in 2014– up from 2013’s 260,000. This means that of the country’s top earning 3%, only 3% of those invested in private equity. Let that just sink in for a minute. Of the wealthiest 3%, only 3% of those are helping fund new companies and create new jobs. We believe that with the rise of equity crowdfunding and our ability to let anyone instantly qualify to invest in private equity, we can stimulate investing and hopefully double, triple, or even quadruple the number of accredited investors investing in private equity.

As a Miami-based company, it is important we apply this mission in our own backyard. When we learned that Accelerated Growth Partners (AGP) was hosting an investor education series, we knew we had to play our part. AGP is a local angel group in Miami and has already hosted it’s first sold-out event, with backing from phenomenal partners like Greenberg Traurig, the Knight Foundation, and the Kellog School of Management. There is a large concentration of accredited investors in Miami but typically they only invest in Real Estate or traditional avenues. AGP’s investor education series is part of a global trend of educating investors about the opportunities available in private equity as well as best practices, risk/reward factors, and other valuable information to get you started. AGP’s second event (Sign up here!) is covering portfolio strategy, another less covered aspect to private equity investing.

In order to help AGP in their mission to educate, we have decided to offer up a free Pro membership ($49 value) to all investors who attend the event. We believe that if we give you, our neighbors and friends, the tools to make private equity investing that much easier, then we can hopefully help spur the local Miami ecosystem, as well as the nation’s. And as an added bonus, those that get verified in time for the event will get a 50% refund off the event price!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and use promo code “agpmiami” to get a free year and 50% off the event.

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