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We are excited to add iFunding to our growing network of platforms using Accredify Connect to make it easy for you to access their unique and incredible opportunities listed on their platform. iFunding is one of the many pioneers in the real estate crowdfunding sector. Having launched the first ever mobile real estate crowdfunding app, iFunding has had some pretty impressive growth. Having crowdfunded 27 different real estate development deals, they have helped catalyze $368 Million in investments. Investors should know they yield an average of 23% on their annualized return.

We are excited make iFunding easily accessible for Accredify users, especially since they are the first platform to use the latest version of Accredify Connect, giving convenience to investors who still need to be verified right in our product and making the accreditation step as simple as one click.

Investors with a real estate interest, iFunding has a fantastic opportunity for you right now! iFunding is raising their very own round and, of course, they’re crowdfunding it for all to see and take advantage of! There isn’t a lot of space left, so go learn more about their offering on Crowdfunder here.

Here is what Sohin Shah, Co-founder and COO of iFunding, who has this to say about Accredify:

We haven’t had a single user who couldn’t get around using Accredify. The system is very intuitive, which is a big help for startups like us, as it limits the customer support required on our end. The founding team at Accredify was very approachable, responded very quickly to all enquiries and played a big role in making us feel comfortable in taking this relationship forward.

More About The iFunding Platform

iFunding was founded by William Skelley and Sohin Shah, who together built an impressive team, including former New York Governor David Patterson who is iFunding’s current Community Director. The platform features an impressive set of software and lets you invest as little as $5,000. They also have a resourceful community that tunes into Real Estate webinars curated specifically for you. They also have investor’s best interests at mind because you will actually hold on to the title property in order to be protected in the investment. Having introduced the first ever real estate mobile app, iFunding is an innovative platform looking to provide you with quality real estate investment opportunities.

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